Old Marketing Strategies Need to Retire.

The convergence of marketing and technology now presents limitless possibilities. Marketers now have the tools to acquire, analyse, and activate data; plan, execute, and modify campaigns; automate repetitive tasks, and create new touch-points. Every consumer interaction generates data which is used by successful brands to harness the power of platforms and analytics to develop highly-targeted programs.

While digital advertising, social media management, and email marketing are still the top solutions, new age marketers need to go beyond those and harness the power of MarTech.

Selecting the right MarTech stack to reach your goals needs deeper understanding.

Vibe Marketers Fest

This is the region’s first, largest, and most credible marketing technology summit. Rated a “must attend” event by over 88% of the marketing professionals in the region, it is the only knowledge summit designed for marketing professionals of the digital world. The second edition of Vibe Marketers Fest (VMF) promises to be full of insights and knowledge sessions to help you select and implement MarTech solutions which fit seamlessly with your plans.

Who will attend?